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I had a great time in Detroit at the EOS quarterly meeting. (see last post) It was spectacularly energizing…in spite of the ridiculous cost in time and treasure of flying off to Detroit for dinner and then a full day meeting.  Sometimes you just have to spring for the cost and hope it to comes back to you manyfold…which was the nice result of this trip.

I’ve gotten particularly friendly with Mike Paton since we seem to share an odd sense of humor as well as a liking for blue jeans as formal business attire.  While in Detroit he approached me and mentioned that he’d really like to figure out how we can do some things together.  I enthusiastically agreed and even offered to come and visit him, and his company EOS Midwest,  in Minneapolis…although not until spring.  (they had another 15 inches of snow last night and the airport is closed)

And then that wonderful thing which happens so often occurred.  Friday morning…my first day back…I received a call from someone I know in Boston asking for some advice.  I mentioned just coming back from Detroit…and why I was there.   It was a subtle reminder to her about EOS, which we had discussed.  She immediately mentioned that she has a company founder I should talk to…in Minneapolis!

No, I did not make this up. 

So I send off a note to Paton and, yes, he would be happy to hear about a prospective new client.  Stay tuned.

Which leads me right into the other such thing that happened since I’ve returned 3 days ago.  I connected with a fellow named David Reibstein who is Owner and President of Home Marketing Services.  He was referred to me by Andrew Benioff, Managing Partner of Llenrock Group…a real estate advisory and investment banking firm.

Home Marketing Services has a business I’d never heard of: they specialize in helping people sell their houses to move into retirement communities.  Talk about specialization.  Reibstein and I talk and he says the magic words “thinking I might hire you”.  In a nanosecond I set up a breakfast meet with him for this week. (I’m hoping I’m not jinxing this by sharing with you…but, what the heck…it’s such a great story, with the best to come in the next paragraph!)

Soon after this, my mother calls.  She and my father have decided to move into Quadrangle, a retirement community.  (you know where this is going) She was calling to let me know she had sent in the deposit so the process of moving was beginning.  One of my parents’ concerns was selling their house so she also let me know that Quadrangle had told her of a company specializing in helping people sell their houses when moving into retirement communities!

Yup, Home Marketing Services.

Alignment Tip: Sometimes you and the universe are in phase…take advantage of it.  Share ideas everywhere and it happens more often.

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