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My house...really
My house…really

It’s been a rainy few days…as you can see from the above picture. Since it’s a weekend, I’ve been hanging out by myself in my house in the woods. After all the people things I do all week, I generally recover by just hanging around with myself when I can.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with this posting but as I started to write it occurred to me that many of you could probably use a break from whatever you do all the time. Since I’ve noticed that people often seem to need permission to do things they really should just do…I hereby give all of you permission to just do nothing for a bit. Enjoy yourself.

Now about that title up there. A few days ago a I received a call from a friend and business associate. He remembered that I am associated with the Wharton School and wondered if I might know some bright MBA students who would be interested in doing some market research for him. We talked a little bit about what he needed and off I went to help him out. By the way, calls really are nice if you’re going to ask for help, so much more personal, and…harder to turn down than an e-mail.

Within a couple of days of sending out a note to the students in the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (my program) I had a couple of good prospects and sent them along. I’m pleased to report that they passed the test and are now going in to see about the project.

Why do I share this story? Well, I’ve notice that people don’t seem to understand that the people they know aren’t mindreaders. Of course, if you happen to know one of those people who advertise as psychics, maybe you do, but I’m pretty sure most of us don’t. You have to tell people what you’re looking for.

There’s an interesting thing about networking: it generally isn’t the people you know who can help you, it’s the people who the people you know know. (I loved writing that sentence and so am going to just leave it out there for you to contemplate)
Stream by my house...staring at it helps clear your mind

Stream by my house...staring at it helps clear your mind

Save Your Mind Tip: Take some time and do nothing

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