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WordPress Still Unreliable!

My last post…in response to many of you who complained that it was dated December 29 and arrived via email January 5…was scheduled to arrive via email January 6.  Here it is early January 9 and mine still hasn’t arrived…which I assume means neither has anyone else’s who gets it via email.  Probably  this one scheduled for this morning will arrive before the earlier one.

The whole thing does make me crazy.  Most interesting is that my other blog…Benari Blog…goes out every Tuesday morning about 9 exactly like it’s supposed to.  Yup, it’s WordPress also.  Of course Benari Blog is much more serious and all about being a better leader so perhaps WordPress likes it more.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve had my disagreements with the Internet Gnomes.  My Web Ogre warned me about getting them annoyed with me, but did I listen?  Nope.  Maybe they haven’t figured out that the most erudite fellow behind the exceptionally useful Benari Blog …is me!  So let’s keep it quiet.

You might think that all this is just random chatter and hardly worth thinking about but it does lead me to cogitate on the issue of Walking The Talk.  I’ve spent years spouting on about the fact that one of the most important things for you to do to gain credibility, build and strengthen connections, develop a good reputation, and attract more people, is…doing what you say you’ll do.

Meeting lots of new people gets you nowhere if you can’t maintain the relationships you have because no one trusts you to follow through.  Committment means something.

And here I am, reduced to clenched teeth and pursed lips at 6 Sunday morning aggravating over my inability to figure out how to get a vendor to meet their committment.  Right there in the little Publish box it says it will go out on time!

In this case, I’m at least having fun venting about this to all of you.  And although it irritates me no end…as you can surely tell…it’s not all that big a deal since I don’t think there’s anyone really depending on my words for any life or death situations.

But it does lead to quite a few people hearing things about WordPress that aren’t so nice.  This little missive goes out to quite a few people…some even read it…and gets picked up and repeated around the world, to my great amazement.

So think about how this applies to your committments.  Are you following through?  Are you only agreeing to do that which you actually will do?  Or are people counting on you and finding you missing in action?

And what does this say about you?  Even more important, what does it lead others to say about you?

Exercise Tip: Walk the Talk