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Comcast Horrors

This is now the third post in a row where I have to share how totally incompetent and customer unfriendly Comcast is. Since I am so disgusted and irritated I figured I’d jump right in and rant a bit. Who knows, perhaps one of the Comcast Minions will read this and take pity on me.

In case your forgot, early September I noticed my internet was not working right. It was slower, did some weird things, seemed to briefly disappear and then reappear. At the same time, suddenly my phone which is also on Comcast stopped ringing. (okay, enough with the jokes about no one wanting to talk to me!) So I called them.

This in itself was a horrible experience since it takes forever to get through their irritating automated phone tree useless messages and finally figure out how to get a real person. I persevered and got a repair guy to show up September 5. Yup, today is October 10 and it still isn’t fully repaired. You do the math,.

Anyway, he figures out that a critter had somehow tunneled along to my underground line and chewed on it. To give me temporary service until the underground guys could come and put in a new line, he cobbles together a bunch of scrap pieces of line he has in his truck, lays it across the ground for about a 100 feet from the house to the pole, and gets the system working.

He says the underground guys will show up in 4 or 5 days and fix it properly.

When no one shows up in a couple of weeks I call, go through the same damn phone tree, get someone in India who follows his script which asks lots of useless questions, and finally tells me that there is no record of me needing the underground guys so they were never scheduled. But…he will fix everything and get them to my house.

They will show up in…you know already…4 or 5 days.

Instead a guy shows up, wanders around, agrees that they underground guys have not come and the line is still laying on the ground, and lets me know that…they will show up in, are you ready, 4 or 5 days.

I wait forlornly at the end of my driveway for the Comcast truck to appear. The neighbors bring me food and I use the woods for other needs. It’s a bit cold at night but I persevere. Finally I realize they aren’t coming so…do the whole damn phone thing again.

This time the nicest Comcast Repair Guy Ever shows up. He is aghast at my story. Takes some information and goes off to talk to his boss and get it fixed quickly. Jeremy even gives me his personal cell phone number to call him if it’s not done quickly.

A week passes, no underground guys. I call Jeremy over the weekend. He comes out first thing Monday morning, talks to me, gets me to fill out some more papers, tells me he is going to talk to his boss again and figure out what is going on.

A few days pass. The service is deteriorating (see second paragraph above). It’s Friday and I have a lot to do requiring internet access. I call Jeremy at 0700 but don’t get him. I buck myself up and do the Comcast Call Center Horror Show. I finally get someone else in India. I rant at him, prefacing it by saying that I know it’s not his fault but…

He says a repair guy will come out first thing Saturday morning. It’s Saturday morning…

Now you might wonder how you got this if my internet is kafloooey. Which it still is. I leave you to ponder this.

On a more positive front, I got a nice job leading an association board planning meeting in Chicago so am off to do this next week. Someone else asked me to lead a 2 day EOS Annual Session for them in December. And I got asked about helping someone think through a new growth strategy. Seems like I’ll make a few bucks before the end of the year which is nice.

And my trip to Nice and Monaco is rapidly approaching. Then a week or so later Barcelona. And…I am thinking about going to Hawaii and ignoring everything for a few days in early December.

Best of all, it got cold enough that I’ve had to burn a bit of the cords and cords of firewood piled up all over my property. Another few decades of burning without chopping and I might get rid of all of it.


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