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Early Is On Time…Get To Africa!

We’ve all heard how Early Is On Time.  I am a firm believer in this since it always seems to me that it is just so rude and arrogant to always be late and expect everyone else to accommodate you. 

So I was my usual early self as I got to Philadelphia Airport to begin my journey to Africa.  It was a horrible day with winds up to 60 miles per hour!  The counter fellow told me that my flight to Dulles was already an hour late.  I asked if I was going to make my connection to South African Air and he said something about “finding another way to get there.”  Right.

I go up to the Red Carpet Club and tell the fellow at the desk about my problem.  He tells me that the previous flight to Dulles is still there…running 2 hours late…but leaving momentarily so if I run to the gate he’ll call and tell them I’m coming.  They are waiting for me and I run into the plane, sit down, and a few minutes later they close the door and we’re off.


And the Early part…well, I was about 2 hours early for my scheduled flight.  If I had waited til the last minute I would not have gotten the flight I took and the one I was supposed to be on…wound up getting in too late to make the connection to South Africa.  And there aren’t lots of flights to South Africa.

So after hours and hours and hours of travel I get to my nice Southern Sun Hotel at Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg.  I have to overnight there to get a morning flight to Windhoek, Namibia this morning.  And here I am in Namibia which is spectacularly austere and beautiful.

But, back at the Southern Sun last night, I went down to sit at the bar and see who was around.  I wound up talking to a fellow who was an engineer in the oil business and happened to be an Egyptian who had just come from Egypt.  Nothing like getting a first hand story of what’s been going on there.

South Africa

Then this other fellow starts talking to me.  He turns out to be one of two founders and the Executive Producer of Africa Report.  I get their bi-weekly newsletter of the stories they are airing and have watched some.  We both are amazed at this coincidence, I share some story ideas about projects I’ve been involved with, he is interested, we trade cards, and I agree to email him a bunch of things for him to follow up on.  They film stories on entrepreneurs in Africa and are shown on a number of different stations…in case you’d like to take a look.

So what can I say?  Travel, talk to people in bars of nice hotels, meet interesting people.

Namibia Tip: Visit…it’s worth the aggravation of getting there…and you’ll meet interesting people along the way

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