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Eat Lunch…Grow

Some of you no doubt think this title refers to expanding your waistline. And for some of you it probably does. Many people seem to think that lunch is a time to supersize it and focus on the plate in front of them rather than the world around them. Hopefully this short missive will disabuse you of this idea….

I’m thinking about this because I had two great lunches this week…and since it’s 6 Wednesday morning that’s a 100% great lunch rate so far this week. Both of these lunches came about because I spoke up at events which led to these two wonderful ladies contacting me and suggesting that we really should meet for lunch. (Now I know what you’re thinking but no, they’re nice married ladies wanting to network. Still no dates for poor me.)

Anyway, the first lunch took me to a wonderful restaurant I’d never visited before. Parc Bistro in case you’re interested. I spent a fun time with Deborah Moses, CEO of Veris Associates. Veris does this sophisticated IT stuff that is way beyond my feeble comprehension but clearly they are experts at helping companies ensure their IT is running at optimum efficiency. I also discovered that she’s married to a giant…but we’ll talk about that some other time.

Next thing I know, Deb got me talking about all the random things I do. (She must have heard me talk about always listening first) I finally got to ask her about Veris. She was very nice to me and used simple words to explain a very complicated subject. And then it happened. To my absolute amazement we discovered a place where we connect which led to Deb wondering if we could do something together! Stay tuned.

Then the next day I was off to one of my favorite places, Cedar Hollow Inn, to meet Dale Power, President of Big Shoes!. Now before you complain, that last period isn’t a mistake. Big Shoes! is the actual name. Jumps right out at you, doesn’t it? Must be a networking message in there somewhere. Dale is an exceptional coach for small and medium sized business leaders. (The businesses are small and medium sized, not the leaders. She’ll coach all sized people.)

We have a nice chat about our backgrounds, share ideas about the perfect client, and discuss our thoughts on how to build a successful business…particularly from the branding/marketing/communication perspective. Next thing I know, she’s asking me for some help with something and I’m off on a new adventure.

And all because I spoke up and focused on the person and not the plate.

View out my back window...I wish   (pciture courtesy of Ian Grant)

View out my back window...I wish (picture courtesy of Ian Grant)

Lunch Tip: The reason for being at lunch is sitting across from you…not filling up your plate.

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