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Fast Track to South Africa

Sometimes the connections move really rapidly. The trick to catching them seems to be having the willingness to drop everything and seize the opportunity. And it often isn’t easy.

Last Saturday I was asked to bring my jewelry from BeadforLife to the annual Camphill Village Kimberton Hills Hoedown. BeadforLife is an amazing organization in Uganda that helps raise people out of poverty and Kimberton Hills is a wonderful community that specifically includes people with disabilities. I happen to know the founders of BeadforLife and be President of the Board of Kimberton Hills. Nice the way that worked out.

There I am, selling beads to random passers by when someone I’ve know a tiny bit comes past and starts chatting with me about a great organization in South Africa that’s doing some things similar to BeadforLife. It’s called Hope Village and is working on building houses for foster mothers who take in aids orphans.

We talk about the similarities of the organizations and they way they teach economic independence while helping people raise themselves from poverty. Quite inspiring.

Next thing I know, Steven Rowell, President of ReConnect and the person I’m talking to, asks if I might want to do a Wharton GCPproject (you might remember that I’m part of Wharton) for Hope Village along the lines of what we did for BeadforLife. (this is a story for another day)

As I sit here 6 days later we’ve raised the funds necessary for the project, set it up, and are going to have a student team work with Hope Village over the next 8 months on branding, marketing, and helping them sell their magnificent leather products in the US.

Wow! Now that’s rapid networking to an amazing result. And it sure took a lot of work by a lot of people to pull it off.



Building a Hope Village House

Building a Hope Village House

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