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Fast Track to South Africa…Update!

Steve with bead store

Steve's BeadforLife store

As you might have guessed from the title of this posting…and the picture above…Bernadette Kovaleski (crack development lady at Kimberton Hills) read my last missive and immediately sent me a couple of pictures she took at my famous BeadforLife bead sale. It is just so wonderful what happens when you send out information about what you’ve been doing. People often respond!

Another example of this is how the information about Hope Village in that same posting led to my getting asked if I would be interested in another project in Africa. Two great things dropping on my head from one little blog posting. And notice, I didn’t actually ask for anything…just sent out an interesting (I hope) story about good things I’m doing.

I know what many of you are thinking: I’m not a good storyteller. I don’t have time to do a blog. I can’t write well. Nobody’s interested in what I have to share. And worst of all…nothing ever happens to me worth sharing.

Selling more beads

Selling more beads

I figured you’d like to see a bigger picture of the beads. (Unfortunately you also have to see a bigger picture of me) The beads are quite nice and I have lots of them……

Well…to return to today’s story…it ain’t so. Everyone has things going on that are interesting. They might be big things, like you just got the employee of the year award, or they might be little things, like you just washed your car and the soap made the most amazing pattern…it looked just like Elvis on the hood.

And all of you can be good at telling your own stories. If you think you’re not so good right now, practice. Pick a story and tell it to everyone you meet. Vary how you tell it. Make it longer, make it shorter. Ad lib a little. (it is a story, after all) Maybe do some sound effects or paint a picture with your hands and arms.

Now just keep doing it. And as you do it, start using stories that include a message about something you need, or something wonderful you’re attached to that could use some help. Perhaps you too are doing something to help people improve their circumstances. Share the story. With everyone. You never know which person will become interested in joining your journey.

Amaphelo Day Care Centre...Hope Village

Amaphelo Day Care Centre...Hope Village

Africa Tip: Share Your Story

And if you send it to me…who knows where it will show up.

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