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First Of A Series!

To my amazement my Web Ogres have actually managed to convince me that many of you out there in readerland will find the unabridged…and completely me…adventures I wander through, and random thoughts I have, interesting, entertaining, humorous and perhaps even enlightening.  I have my doubts about all of the aforementioned but am willing to play along for a bit and see what happens.

I’ve been writing something called Steve’s Blog as part of Conversation On Networking.  That will become a joint effort of myself and my partners…and you’ll need to go there to keep following it although past postings are floating around on this site.

You can even go and see my more erudite and serious side as I guide top executives and business owners to enlightenment on the path to exceptional leadership by looking at my Tuesday morning musings as the Benari Blog…but for this you need to go there and look.

And then there are those ridiculous Twitter things…which I have no idea how to send you to.  Luckily they somehow pop up right on the pages of this thing so if you care you can read a few and figure out how to sign up yourself.  Maybe you sign up with one of those buttons they put on top of the pages.

That’s enough of that…although you really should read the Benari Blog if you are…or aim to be…an exceptional leader or senior executive.  Just so you know the previous stuff wasn’t me, I was told to do this by those damn Web Ogres.  Generally they seem to know what they’re talking about so, like most of my key advisers, I do whatever they force me to do.

As far as my life goes…I just came back from Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, and New York City.  As I was writing this I got told I would hear final confirmation of dates for me to drop in on Paris.  Yesterday I got harassed about coming to Whidbey Island which is now 3 inches closer to Seattle after the tsunami moved it a bit.  And I have Detroit in my future.  No wonder I never get anything done…like my new book. 

But I do wind up with lots of interesting adventures to report on.

Mentioning my new book causes me to think about my Book Dominatrix…although every time my back hurts I think of her.  She doesn’t look so tough in her picture but watch out.  That pleasant smile hides sharp fangs and the hand hiding behind her arm no doubt is holding that whip she brandishes so well.

On the other hand, she is forcing me to write the best book ever.  If you are working on a book and don’t have your very own Book Dominatrix…get one.

Since I am one of only two people actually signed up to get this so far, I figure that’s enough rambling for today.  Hopefully there will be at least 4 or 5 people finding this in their inbox a few days from now when I send off my next missive from the front.

Note to me: forward link to everyone. 

Note to other reader: read note to me and do same.

I visited this place while in Botswana...which is landlocked.

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