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Zoe's Flowers

Zoe's Flowers

It’s a dismal Sunday. Actually it’s the third or fourth dismal day in a row. Wet, cold, clammy. So I figured I’d brighten up the post by starting with this picture of my neighbor Zoe’s flowers. I have no idea what they are but every year she plants a big patch and they grow with a wild exuberance and mingling stems and then show passersby a bright face for quite a long time. You often see people stopped to take pictures…as I did just for you.

I find the mingling stems so interesting. Their wild entwining seems to entice random walkers and joggers to stop and smile…and chat if someone else happens to be staring with a similar bemused smile.

All of which I pictured when I happened to be looking through this morning’s newspaper and notice a full page add for…New Job Hob Nob, meet, mingle & match. The entire page was in huge type. It just jumped out at you. So I stopped paging through the paper and read the Job Hob Nob explanation. It almost made me pass out.

Another Zoe Flower Picture To Contemplate While Steve Recovers

Another Zoe Flower Picture To Contemplate While Steve Recovers

It seems that the New Job Hob Nob is a casual networking event done in a whole new way…no booths, no lines, just meet, mingle and match. I couldn’t believe it. Why, someone doing an entire event along the lines that Conversation on Networking has been espousing for years: just get talking in a place where there are appropriate people and things will happen.

It looks to me like the event is sponsored by…which conjures up some odd images that I leave to your imagination. On the other hand, they’ve clearly been listening to us talk about the best way for people to network and begin to develop great relationships…for job search or other reasons. And if you’d like to Hob Nob, well, Hob Nob.

And to get you in the right mood to be totally ready to land that perfect position, here’s one more picture of Zoe’s flowers to meditate on. And yes, that is part of the wall of her beautiful stone house.


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