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Missive From Barcelona

Aargh! I’ve been so busy I forgot to write! Seems it’s been three and a half weeks since I sent off an update on Steve’s World. Last missive I mentioned I was off to Nice and Monaco. As I write this I’m now in Barcelona and soon to be in Marrakech. Last night I was thinking about how weird this travel is. In spite of all my travel over the years, I had never seen the Mediterranean Sea until I visited Tel Aviv a few months ago and stayed at a hotel right on…the Mediterranean Sea. And managed to find the time to spend a few hours walking along the beach that forms the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.

Then I was in Nice and Monaco where I walked along the beach that forms part of the central north side of the Mediterranean Sea. Yesterday I walked along the beach that forms part of the very western north side of the Mediterranean Sea. And if a few days I’m going to be on the western end of the south side of the Mediterranean Sea. How weird is this? I figure I’m going to have to find some reason for a client to send me to visit Tunisia so I can see the central part of the south side of the Mediterranean Sea. Since the east end of the Mediterranean Sea is the Strait of Gibraltar, no beach there to wander along.


In case you’re wondering, so far all parts of the Mediterranean Sea are quite nice. I highly recommend visiting any of them. And the cities I’ve explored are also great places to visit. Of course, as you know, I find anyplace I go exciting and interesting so perhaps I’m not the best person to get travel advice from. Especially since I rarely get to any of the major tourist attractions in the places I visit.

I’m in Barcelona to be part of a Junto that Packet CEO Zac Smith puts on in various places. This one is in conjunction with Dockercon 15. Those of you who clicked on the Packet link and the Dockercon link are no doubt laughing hysterically at the thought of me being part of these nerdiest of the tech nerd things possible. I must admit it amazes me too that I, the technology incompetent, is considered a part of this world.

As to how this came about, I’m an advisor to Packet (and now a shareholder!) where they have implemented EOS as their company operating system. They give me great credit for helping them get the way their business works humming. If all goes well, this just might lead to another cool client or two. And yes, this is a hint to you that I’m always looking for new clients needing to get their company running better so send me a referral. If you do…I’ll mention you in a future missive and even in the Benari Blog. How’s that for a bribe? Oooops, reward.

Dockercon is about 1500 of the most technical geeks you ever heard of. These are the people who are building the things that actually make the internet work. My guess it that few if any of you have ever heard of their companies. For example, anyone know RackN?

Just this morning I spent an hour talking with Rob Hirshfeld, RackN Founder and CEO. I even understood several words he used when describing what they do. Okay, I’ll admit it, the words I understood were “and” “the” “a” “many”. I leave you to go to their site and figure out what they do as there is no way I can explain it.

Meanwhile, back home in Birchrunville…I’ve had to light a bunch of fires to keep warm. The woodpile is diminishing. Luckily I have cords and cords of wood split, dried, and ready to burn. And piles of pre-split wood waiting for my splitting maul. I must admit, the pyromaniac in me comes out as soon as the leaves start to fall from the trees.

Almost forgot, you probably don’t know what a Junto is. It’s another thing invented by Ben Franklin. I have no idea how he managed to be involved in just about anything that happened when he was alive. Anyway, it’s a random and diverse group of people who get together to think deep thoughts and in general hang around and enjoy stimulating discussion and thinking up new ideas while helping each other. In Zac’s case, he likes to pull together people to think about where the world is going not just in technology but in everything.

And they always take place with around 15 or so people in a nice restaurant with plenty of good food and drink. This one will be at Restaurant Loria in case you happen to be around and free at 7:30 this evening. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the discussion.




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