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Yesterday I booked flights to Nice and Monaco. Okay, those of you who have been in that area know that you actually fly to Nice which is right next door to Monaco so one flight – two countries. As you know, I like seeing new things and since I’ve never been to either place…another twofer. Sometimes one of you asks me how many countries I’ve visited…meaning worked in since I never go anyplace except for work. I have no idea as I run out of fingers and toes when counting them. But it’s now going to be one more…not 2…since to my dismay Nice turns out to be a city in France and not another country like Monaco.

Leave the evening of October 28, 12 hours from takeoff to landing (with a plane change in Madrid) arrive noon the 29th, do some meetings and dinners, flit back about 2 in the afternoon on November 1 and 14 hours later (this time London plane change) land in Birchrunville at 8 or so in the evening. Time changes are weird things.

When I was on Whidbey Island I found some time to go hiking in Deception Pass State Park which covers the north end of the island. It is spectacular. Here is a picture of me on a bridge that crosses and inlet:

2015-08-23 16.29.39

Here’s a sign for the less aware they put at the edge of really high cliff:

2015-08-23 16.14.51

It’s 150 feel straight down on the other side of this sign.

The drop is about as steep as pictured.

Notice that it only could be deadly if you take one more step.

Now about that job. I mentioned this before but just in case you missed it it, they’re still accepting resumes. It’s a great job for a great company led by a great CEO. All those greats are totally unbiased even though the CEO is a client of mine. So if you meet the criteria and just might want to work for a great company…apply!

Rapidly growing multi-state transportation company needs an Area General Manager to direct the operations of multiple locations.  The primary responsibilities of the position include P&L responsibility, developing the management teams, customer service, and overseeing fleet activities including driver recruitment and training and fleet maintenance.  Budgeting and cost control experience is a must. The right person for this position has a proven track record of leading an operation with revenues in excess of $50 million.     

Qualifications include at least 8 years demonstrated success in operations management with profit and loss responsibility.  Must have the ability to hire and develop managers and supervisors in multiple locations.  Must have excellent interpersonal skills and good accounting and computer knowledge.  Southeastern Pennsylvania location

Send resume to Mention you saw it in Smolinsky Worldwide.

And they actually pay you well even thought I keep telling them it is so cool to work for them that they can charge people to work there. Good luck.

In the Great Service category, on September 5 Comcast came to fix my cable. I mentioned this in my last missive. I’m pleased to tell you that they still haven’t come to put a new underground line in so I have a ratty old temporary line laying across the ground. It was supposed to be done in a 4 or 5 days. If I do my math correctly, it is now 21 days. And several calls and 2 visits by people to look and make sure it’s still lying on the ground. Like I would make this up!

In the How Stupid Are They category, I saw a story about workers who blew a whole in the side of a high school in New York City. It seems 3 workers were testing a gas line in John F Kennedy High School in the Bronx. How did they test it you’re probably wondering. The usual way. One lit a match. It worked well as they found out they had not fixed the line when the leaking gas blew up, burned all 3 of them badly, and blew out some walls and windows and such.

Mayor Bill de Blasio showed his great understanding of such things when he said about this accident, “I do not believe this is standard procedure.” He then cleverly added in case you didn’t understand his first comment, “I believe it was a mistake and obviously a very costly one for the 3 workers.” Ya think?

One last thing, my faithful old SAAB turned 200,000 miles while I was returning from a client visit to Ithaca (for and EOS quarterly meeting in case you’re wondering) a few days ago. Lots of bumps and bruises, quite a bit of vibration and rattles, and the leather seat I sit in has seen way better days. But…still chugs along the interstate at the usual 80 mph and gets good gas mileage. Good old Cliff Story and his guys are great mechanics.

Now he has Jen working there to help him keep the customers under control. And to my great amazement, she used to live way out in Mukilteo Washington. This is the place the ferry to Whidbey Island starts! And she worked for the ferry company! Yup, she went from driving huge boats to helping keep my SAAB running. Now if she could only get me a discount for the ferry…

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