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Ooops! I Screwed Up.

I do hate it when I have to start off with an apology but…when you screw up, your screw up.  No sense making pretend it didn’t happen and thinking people won’t notice.  So, I apologize to those of you who got half a post yesterday.  Seems my damn fingers walked to the publish button instead of the preview button…and, off it went.

Well, to be totally honest…and I do think that open and honest is the way to be…those of you getting feeds got it.  But those crazy gremlins have attacked the email delivery again.  I gather the email version still hasn’t gone out.  So if you get this before that one, what can I say other than, damn gremlins.

Found Larry. Wonderful time at his magnificent house at the tippy top of Pte Milou.

Unfortunately, I have to leave St Barth today.  I will be sorry to leave the wonderful Normandie Hotelwhich, as you know, is the Best B&B in the Caribbean.  I mentioned how exceptional the manager Eula is…but did not say anything about Melane, the other magnificent person who helps run the place.  And did I hear about it!  Yup, they got the post right away…I sent it to them.

Melane could not believe that after all our chatting and the superb service I forgot to add her name.  And she is absolutely correct.  I am such a dummy sometimes.  I spite of this she managed to set it up for me to check out at the absolutely last minute.  With these two lovely ladies taking care of things it’s easy to understand why this is the Best B&B in the Caribbean.

And now, off to take advantage of my last day here.  Flight leaves at 16:20 so I have to get moving…not much time left.  I’m off to Saline Beach which is quite the secluded and spectacular place.

Path to Saline Beach

St Barth Tip: Be nice to Melane

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