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It’s been an odd August in Birchrunville. In spite of this year being the hottest year on record worldwide so far, it’s been quite pleasant here. Warm but not oppressive during the day and nice and cool at night. As someone who has to air condition the old fashioned way…I keep the windows open…it is wonderful.

A couple of days ago I participated in a client board meeting…in Pinehurst. All of you who play golf know what this means. You others, look it up. (I gave you a link!) One day of being part of their strategy meeting, one day of wandering around with a funny stick in my hand. It was great fun in spite of my being a bit off my game. (Golf game. I was spectacular at the meeting part) Okay, just in case any of you happened to see me on the course, a lot off my game. Such is golf. Kind of like life.

Speaking of life, to my great dismay not a single person who reads this missive applied for or sent someone to apply for the great job I’m helping a client fill. See the last missive, Transportation General Manager Job Available for all the info but suffice it to say here, it is a great job for a great company that pays really well and if you get the job you get to see me there sometimes. Hmmm, perhaps that’s why you didn’t apply.

How about you don’t have to see me sometimes if you’d rather not.

Luckily we have some good candidates that ran things for companies like FEDEX and UPS so I figure we’ll wind up with a great Area General Manager but it would be so nice if one of you exceptional readers filled the seat. Or one of your friends or relatives.

Saw Tooth Man Terry last week. He put in a new part to continue the process of turning my mouth, or at least one tooth, into a space age appliance. One more little part this coming Friday and then off to the crown guy to get the part that hides the electronics and makes it look like a regular old tooth. When it’s done they tell me the tooth will eat by itself so the rest of my teeth can take a vacation.

By the way, Tooth Man Terry is the best. He is not only great with drills and hammers and chisels but he has cool anesthetic that makes your whole head numb. And he’s a wonderful fellow who is fun to talk to when he takes his hands and tools out of your mouth. This visit I got to see this wild little screwdriver gizmo he used to take out one little part and replace it with another.

Saturday I’m off to Whidbey Island and Detroit. Whidbey Island, a wonderful island in the middle of Puget Sound where I actually have a client or two. This visit I got asked if I will help build a stone wall while I’m there. Dry laid. Seems they discovered my past life as an exceptional stone mason and Japanese garden stone setter. I do love stones. And now that they’ve passed that new law this has a whole new meaning…

Then off to Detroit for the quarterly EOS Worldwide meeting. You remember EOS, best way ever to get what you want from your business. We now have around 2000 companies running on EOS as their operating system. So if your business is running you down rather than building you up…you know who to call.

Okay, enough with the ridiculously obvious plug. But speaking about business, how about those airlines? The roundtrip direct flight coach fare from Birchrunville to Detroit is around a thousand bucks. You heard that right. (I just checked. Right now the fare is $1383! This is the highest I ever saw it.) But, my fare going from Birchrunville to Whidbey Island to Detroit to Birchrunville is $1163. And I have big seats in the front of the plane!

Roundtrip Birchrunville to Detroit: 1464 kilometers (910 miles for those in the US)

Birchrunville to Whidbey Island to Detroit to Birchrunville: 7647 kilometers (4742 miles)

Since the major cost for the airlines of getting my butt someplace is the cost of fuel, how can these fares make any sense at all? Roughly 5 times the distance for less money!

One last thing, those of you interested in leadership and management and running an organization more effectively might take a look at the brand new revamped mobile ready Benari LTD Blog. The last missive was Book Club or Cocktail Party. And you might as well peruse the whole Benari LTD’s short, but wonderful. (perhaps I’m biased)  To my great amazement I am getting huge response and tons of new readers. Some of them even pass me around to all their followers. I never realized how much fun it can be to be passed around. Amazing.

I leave you with a picture of the airplane I saw out the window while boarding my flight back on my recent trip to Israel.

2015-07-14 21.24.50

Addendum: I already hear you muttering about this website. “How come Benari LTD got upgraded and made mobile and this is still the same old site?” Give me time. As the technophobe you know I am it was stressful to deal with one site. I am recovering and will get this one upgraded as soon as I can. Benari was first since it helps pay the bills…and fund this fine missive and website.  Hmmmm, if you feel like donating to get Smolinsky Worldwide updated…I accept any currency or form of payment that exists anywhere. Just saying…

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