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Pay Attention…Hidden Speed Bumps

Well…perhaps “unmarked” is a better word than “hidden”.  Sitting here in Birchrunville with 18 inches of new snow has caused me to pine for St Barth and for some reason, speed bumps is what I thought of. 

Since I walked everywhere, I was particularly close to the road and got fascinated by the huge speed bumps scattered here and there.  Since all the cars are so tiny…and quite a few of them are scooters…these speed bumps loomed even larger than they might elsewhere.  But what really fascinated me is that there are no signs warning you about them as there seem to be before every speed bump in the US.

If you’re going too fast and not paying attention…kapow!

Locals know where each and every one is.  Those of us just dropping in to visit are the ones who get our insides scrambled and our heads whacked by the roof.  Must be a metaphor in there somewhere…which I leave you to discover.

This leads me to show you my favorite car on St Barth.  There are bunches of these things driving around:

Here’s the truck version:

And as near as I can tell, there is not one single speed limit sign on the entire island.  They take care of speed limits by those aforementioned speed bumps…and by teeny tiny winding roads barely wide enough for a car and a half.  Think about this, the restrictions are built in so signage is unnecessary.  The message is part of the thing itself.

My last post mentioned how I almost wound up drawn and quartered for the temerity to think that airport security works so it shouldn’t matter if someone switched seats once inside the aluminum tube.  This story about meeting the founder of Pagus: Africa which is working to educate the children of Ghana led to an interesting call yesterday from Edwin Abaka of Elmina Holdings (which doesn’t seem to have a website yet…so no link.  Hmmm. )

It seems that Edwin is a very clever fellow…in spite of no website…and reads my little musings.  Elmina Holdings is working on building…yes…a big school in Ghana.  How about that?  He wondered if I might introduce him to Ellen. 

Talk to everyone, share good stories, and those connections just pop up if you tell people what’s going on in your life.  Hmmm, networking maybe?

Think I’ll end this with a picture of Larry’s house on St Barth…

…it’s hard to see but if you look about a third of the way over from the right at that point on the top of the mountain, that’s his house.  Quite a view from there.

Here’s the view out my window as I write this:

And yes, I am already thinking about visiting Eula and Melane at the Normandie Hotel in the very near future.

Tip From St Barth: Build it in…no instructions necessary

Connection Tip: Share your interests…always

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