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Monday morning started off with me leaving my house about 6 to get to a meeting by 7:30. Some people don’t seem to understand that if an event is worth attending, you want to be there a little early since the best networking conversations tend to happen while people are arriving and just chatting while waiting for things to get going…and you get the pick of the bagels.

I never understand the people who arrive in the middle and leave early, especially when it’s a networking event where everyone gets to introduce themselves. What are they thinking? Perhaps they thought they were going to one of these places advertised in Ecuador.

Fun places in Ecuador

Fun places to eat in Ecuador

Thanks for this picture to Brenda Grove, loyal reader who got my message about sending me stuff. And if you need to know about Villanova University, she’s the person to meet.

So there I am, sitting there minding my own business, when it happens: the Random Testimonial. Chris Shull, IT expert extraordinaire and head of Engaged Impact, stands up and introduces himself and then says “I want to tell you that Steve writes this great monthly newsletter and a blog several times a week. They are great and very helpful.”

How cool is this? You do something and send it around and find that people actually like it and refer you to others. Wow. And not only that, Chris and I were the only people who stood up while introducing ourselves. He really has been listening…and learning how to do a better job at connecting with others.

Why, someone even made a point of mentioning that they were not going to stand up when introducing themselves. What were they thinking? It’s all about making it easy for the other person, not yourself.

Those of you reading closely probably have figured out the Brenda Grove visited Ecuador recently. Seems she found one of my favorite critters wandering around so I leave you with this great picture:

Lunchtime in Ecuador

Lunchtime in Ecuador

Exercise Tip: Stand up more often

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