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Lately I haven’t had much time for Clarity Breaks…as we call them in EOS Land. Clarity Break: going off somewhere, turning everything off, clearing your mind of the day to day clutter, and letting your thoughts run free.  Clarity Break: something we all need to do to recharge our brain on a regular basis.

 Too much time between Clarity Breaks leads to Constipation Of Your Brain.  Your thoughts get so clogged up that thinking stops. A scary thought.

Luckily yesterday I had a great opportunity for a Clarity Break…and took it. Over lunch I had to meet with my Wharton Executive MBA team working on our project in United Arab Emirates.  We meet in one of the small conference rooms in Steinburg Conference Center which is the Wharton building that is mostly a hotel for when executives come to campus for various programs including the Executive MBA.  It is a quite nice building run by a real hotel company although I forget who they are.  Hilton I think but that might be wrong.

In any case, it is a great place for a Clarity Break since the people working there are wonderful, take good care of me, and yet totally leave me alone with my thoughts.

So I showed up a couple of hours early and sat in a nice small conference room, put my feet up on the table (please keep this to yourself), and stared out the window at a nice view while letting my mind run free.

Of course I had a nice Aresty Institute of Executive Education tablet and pen sitting right there ready to record any Deep Thoughts that seemed worth capturing.

My tablet remained empty.

It was wonderful. An entire hour without thinking about or doing anything at all.  Just sitting in a nice place with my feet up and my thoughts roaming free while watching the world pass by on a beautiful spring morning.

Then it happened. My teaching assistant stuck his head in and wanted to talk for a few minutes.  One of the faculty running a project for me in Luxembourg…how this became Africa (you do remember that I Run Africa for Wharton Global Consulting Practicum) is a story for another day…needed some thoughtful discussion as a project draws to a close. The students working on the UAE project showed up and we spent some time figuring out where that project is going.

I sit here writing this while thinking that I have quite a few things I have to do today, Sunday April 15. Damn.

Luckily it is raining so spending a spring weekend day inside writing, among other work tasks for today, the last Talkfest 4 announcement/invitation…did you hear that The Most Astonishingly Exceptional NBC  Television Anchor/Reporter/Personality Aditi Roy is coming?…doesn’t seem so bad. 

Aditi is just so wonderful. Those of you clever enought to register for Talkfest 4 with Bernadette so you can eat great Birchrunville Store Cafe oardoors and drink my great wine picks while talking to Aditi are in for an exceptional time.  And those of you who aren’t clever enough to do this? Perhaps it’s Constipation Of Your Brain! Quick, take a Clarity Break, clear up that constipation, and become clever again.

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