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Serendipidous Serendipity

You might have noticed that the last post, Serendipity, showed up 6 days after it was theoretically posted.  Yup, damn gremlins are after me still.  On the other hand, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.  Oddly…or maybe not so oddly…I was in Boston sitting in Anthurium’s World Headquarters with our CEO Tim Simard, VP Operations John Hennessey, and VP Technology & Engineering Doug Bachelor when it arrived on my Blackberry.

I was there because my networking has led to a number of nice opportunities for us and I wanted to be absolutely sure I was up to date on everything before I promised something we couldn’t delivery.  You all remember Rule 6: do what you say.  It is right before Rule 7: don’t say it if you can’t do it.

My Boston trip capped off quite the networking week. I started off on Monday meeting a regional vice president of a big bank to discuss bringing EOS to some of his business clients needing to get their companies tuned up for greater success.  He once heard me speak at his bank and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.  (Rule 23)

Tuesday I had breakfast with someone I know but hadn’t seen in a year or more.  We reconnected because I happened to see her name somewhere so reached out with a card…a real paper one…with a funny message.  She sent back a note…email…saying she enjoyed getting my humorous note and we should get together.  So we did.  And it led to her referring me to several people including one who hopefully will be interested in a mobile money project I’m working on it Nigeria.  (Rule 17: tell them what you’re doing)

Wednesday off to New York City to meet Stewart Abelow, a fellow I’ve talked to several times on the telephone and who has expressed great interest in EOS for his clients.  (He’s a big commercial insurance guy with a business called Preferred NY Financial Group…but no website!) We met and it turned out he had his partner there.  One thing led to another…which happens if you show up with good ideas and great enthusiasm (Rule 43)…and they connected me to the next step in the chain to a new client.  And they have more opportunities.

Then off to lunch with Edwin Abaka about a project in Ghana.  We had a three hour lunch while discussing this amazing world class intermediate and secondary boarding school they are preparing to build in Ghana.  Yup, a nice Wharton Global Consulting Practicum project came out of our discussion.

Then Thursday off to Boston to Anthurium.  (If you’re lost, read first paragraph above) I ended my day in Boston meeting with Peter Morrissey, he of Morrisey & Company.  I love his card. Under the name of his company it just says “Reputation · Communication”.  And he has a nice website…well, duh.  And he is one very interesting fellow.  Turns out, we have some mutual interests and connections.  Who knows where this will go.

It was exhausting.  Especially since somewhere in there I actually spent an entire day beginning installing EOS in a new client, and did some other client things.  So Friday I just stayed home.  Now, before you yell at me for goofing off,  I actually spent the day following up on my meetings (Rule 3)…leading to a new Anthurium prospect, worked on my new book…Book Dominatrix is warming up her whip arm in case I fall behind our schedule, and spent some time on my Wharton and National University of Singapore student issues.

And here it is 6AM Saturday and I’m writing to you!  And I am determined to keep my committment to my Book Dominatrix and meet her demand that I deliver some more words by first thing Monday morning. (Rule 1: keep anyone with Dominatrix in her title happy)

Serendipidous Serendipity Tip: It happens more often it you turn the soil.

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