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Been five weeks since I last wrote. If only I had an extra couple of hours in each day…or even in each week. Since I normally don’t sleep all that much, can’t turn an hour of the little I get into work time. Hmmmmmm, as I wrote that last line it popped into my head that perhaps that is somehow related to the fact that I never have suffered from jet lag and almost immediately can operate on local time no matter how far off it is from real time. Real time being that of Birchrunville, of course. GMT -05.

Lots has happened since I got back from my Africa travels. I’ve run a number of EOS Annual Sessions for clients which is always great fun. I get to see how things went last year and see what they’re looking to achieve in the new year. I’m pleased to report that all my clients did quite nicely and expect the new year to be even better.

Shameless plug: If you’re not getting what you want from your business…give me a call.

Other than that, we had a huge snowstorm. At my place in Birchrunville we got over 30 inches…which my aching back, arms, legs, feet, hands, fingers, and for some reason butt…will all attest to. Then a couple of days ago it was in the low single digits with heavy winds. A bit chilly to be out but when I walked around it reminded me of my time living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Lest you think I’m kidding with that name, here’s the official website of what used to be my little country. Lots of snow, trees, cows, snow, ridiculously cold winters, maple syrup, snow, empty space…and, did I mention, snow and ridiculously cold winters?

A couple of folks reached out and became new clients, a few old clients wanted to know if I’d do some more work for them, and a number of people decided to go out of business rather than talk to me. First two are nice, third not so much.

Since it finally got cold, my woodpile has shrunken a bit. Another 7 or 8 years of this and it will be used up. Luckily I have lots of pre-firewood logs piled up waiting to become my famous organic, handsplit, random design, perfectly dried, spectacular looking and burning…firewood.

2015-12-30 05.30.20

While looking for a picture of the snow in Birchrunville I came across this picture from my trip to Tel Aviv the end of December. It’s the box they fill with smokers in Ben Gurion Airport. It’s right in the main concourse. Kind of odd. As you can see, they squash a bunch of people into a small closed space and then force them to all smoke at the same time. I never found out what infractions gets you sentenced to be put inside.


Finally found a nice picture of the snow apparently taken at 8:29:47 on February 5 while I was walking around. Amazing that my phone knows the time to the second. Maybe someday I’ll take a picture where it matters to the second when it was taken…but I doubt it.

2016-02-05 08.29.47

One last picture. This one was taken from my hotel room in Accra, Ghana a few weeks ago. It’s a little dark which I would fix if I had any idea at all how to let there be light. And yes, I went from nice warm 90 degree weather in Ghana to freezing my butt off when I excited the airport in Birchrunville. Gee, maybe I should have put these pictures in the opposite order. Nah, figure you, my most intelligent readers can figure it out.

2016-01-09 16.02.12

Week after next I fly off again. Detroit. If all goes according to plan, I will enjoy my stay in the wonderful Westin inside the airport and never set foot outside. Best way to ignore the weather. Kind of like Minneapolis where you can walk all around the city through the tunnels and overhead walkways and it’s always a pleasant 68 degrees with minimal precipitation no matter what’s going on outside. I hear there are people who haven’t experienced the real weather in years. They live in Minnesota and don’t own a single coat, sweater, or even heavy shirt.

Other than that, nothing much happening. A bunch of people running around with bazillions of dollars behind them making pretend they’re regular people and competent to be President when they grow up and learn to tell the truth and stop being nasty to each other, a Supreme Court that’s one justice shy of a full deck which apparently means Senate gridlock will get even worse…as though we could tell, and the chance that we might wind up in a real war in the Middle East with everyone running around with modern weapons we gave them…or that they took from those we gave them to. At least we have cheap gas again. Okay, enough with politics.

Just a little something for you to think about until next missive as I throw another log on the fire and go off to get some breakfast.

PS: to you eagle eyed readers, I saw that it says “excited” instead of “exited” in the verbiage between the snow picture and the Accra hotel picture. (I do re-read and edit before sending…even if it doesn’t look like it) Not sure if it was my fingers or that damn spelling correction thing that happens automatically but did think it was much funnier than the word I should have used. Go back and re-read if you missed it.

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