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Thinking Interruptus: comments on a comment

Seems I’ve managed to make it to three postings…quite amazing. And people are signing up expecting I’ll keep at it and be humorous and educational and entertaining and deliver useful information…each and every posting. The pressure is mounting.

Luckily, interesting networking things happen all the time. For instance, did you notice that I got two comments that were great networking tips? Of course they need a little of my special sauce to cook into something fun and engaging so….

Shaun wrote “congratulations on a job well done.” Ooops, that’s not the tip. The tip was hidden in his comment about not talking in the middle of a golfer’s backswing. While he was writing about breaking a golfer’s concentration his thought really generalizes into a big mistake people (not you, other people) make all the time: they interrupt while people are thinking!

People think and process information in different ways and at different speeds. And you need to give them the time they need before rushing on to your next comment. That silence you hear is them thinking it through, gathering their thoughts, ruminating on you and your ideas.

And if you want to connect with people and develop those nice, deep, long lasting relationships that lead to all kinds of good things…let them think. Show respect, show interest, show understanding. Treasure silence.

So I have an easy exercise for you. But you have to actually do it to learn anything. So Do It!

Exercise: Watch people carefully when you’re talking to them. When their eyes unfocus, when they stare at the ceiling, when they go inside…stop talking until they come back. That’s it. But there are two really difficult parts to this exercise: 1. you really have to pay attention to the other person 2. you really have to learn to keep your mouth shut and treasure silence.

Now practice this exercise and notice what a difference it makes in how people respond to you. And send in a comment about your experiences. And let them finish that thought.

Thinking Tip: thinking interruptus leads to networking destructus

Steve networking in Bryce Canyon last week.  He's the speck waving from the top of that spire in the middle

Steve networking in Bryce Canyon last week. He's the speck waving from the top of that spire in the middle


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  1. Jenna says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  2. Steve”:

    This canyon shot is super. Carrying networking into the stratosphere.

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