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Thoughts From Dakar and Accra

As I write this I am in Accra Ghana having been in Dakar Senegal earlier in the week with a stop in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire. Suffice it to say, lots of travel in a short time. Especially since I was in Israel between Christmas and New Year. I am looking forward to a few days of rest when I return.


Before I forget, several people interested in the CTO position I shared in the last missive, Great Chief Technology Officer Position, responded and are sending me resumes. Until someone is hired we’ll be continuing to speak with good candidates so spread the word or apply yourself if you’re a good prospect. Do It Now!

Back to travel. Here is a picture of where I was sitting doing lots of work while in Dakar:


Then on to Accra. Here is picture of a very odd apartment building across the street from my hotel:

2016-01-07 13.02.03

One of the things I like most about my travels is the huge diversity of things I get to see and experience from super hotels like the Dakar Radisson Blu to tiny falling down places someplace in Ghana. And then there is that apartment building…

Been visiting with cancer experts and seeing a few hospitals which always reminds me that no matter what you think about your healthcare…unless you’re one of those among the millions that we continue to be unwilling to include in our healthcare system…it is way better than in much of the world. Those out of our system are a whole different story and have healthcare not too unlike the poor in Africa. What does this say about our supposedly best in the world healthcare? Of course lots of statistics show in spite of having the most expensive system that is quite profitable for drug companies and such, we actually aren’t all that great as far as health outcomes go. But that’s the difference between ideology and facts, one based on what we’d like it to be and the other based on reality.

Anyway, enough of that rant. We’re working away at helping improve the cancer care across Africa…which is quite the load to bear. Not often do I get to do something designed to affect an entire continent and all its 54 countries.

Still, it’s always fun to return. Been in places where it’s quite warm so looking forward to the freezing temperature in Birchrunville as I have lots of wood piled up waiting to be shoved into a fireplace. There is something of the pyromaniac in me, actually probably more than just something, so the anticipation of piling up the kindling, stacking some wood on top, firing up the match (always use matches as they are just so much more satisfying than those gas thingies), and watching it burn. And then there’s the heat which for some reason is so much different…and nicer…than that which comes from vents or baseboard gadgets.

In case you forgot, I have something like a bazillion nicely organic, hand made by a true firewood craftsman who learned his trade at an early age from a master, oak, cherry, walnut, hickory, ash, and a bit of this and that wood pieces waiting for someone to come along and take them home. Free! Yup, Free!

If I don’t get rid of some of the wood piled up around the house I don’t where I’ll put that which is waiting still in logs to be added to the piles once carefully split into artistic perfectly sized and dried pieces.

Ooops, team just came and told me they need me. Now. So off to work I am. But one last picture. This is Dakar out the window of the plane as I was on my way to Accra.

2016-01-06 16.31.15



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