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To my surprise, it’s me again…

To my great amazement, this blog thing worked. People actually read it and two posted comments. (well, one is my father and the other a partner in the folks who manage The Website and all, but still….) So far no yelling.

Speaking of yelling, I was with some people the other day and one of them was just so loud it made my ears hurt. And then a couple of the other people that were there asked me if it was them or was this person really loud. The conversation was nice and smooth, and then this huge rise in volume took place and pushed us back, and then it returned to nice and smooth. It was just like….when the commercial comes on and we all adjust the volume down until the show returns. Or leave the room.

Got me thinking about how many people drive others away rather than invite them in close due to not being aware of the volume, tone, and pitch of their voices.

So here’s a little something you can try to see if you’re inviting them in or driving them away with the sound of your voice: pay attention to your voice and vary it. Notice which volumes, tones, and pitches have what effects. And particularly notice how when you speak softly everyone leans in closer. Now isn’t that nice?


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  1. Phoebe R. says:

    You’re a natural at blogging, Steve….but isn’t this what you’ve always done anyway? Good luck with the new format. Cheers!

  2. Chris Shull says:

    Interesting. I was at a reception last night and ran into someone I see fairly often. Usually we see one another at meetings where the table and chairs dictate personal space. In the “standing around talking at a reception” format, I was suddenly aware of his odd personal space requirements. Speaking one-to-one, he likes 6-8 feet of distance. We were in a hallway, and instead of standing a “normal” 2-3 feet apart, he backed away, even though many people couldn’t get around us we were taking up so much room. I’ve noticed this in him before, so I didn’t chase after him, or get paranoid about my own personal hygiene). But it was weird and I’m sure he doesn’t know.

  3. shaun says:

    Congratulation on a job well done, not only with the content of the blog, but just the fact that you started…
    Idea for future blog; The act of talking in the middle of anothers backswing: myth or reality?

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