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Hectic, hectic, hectic. Did I mention that it has been hectic?

I’ve been working away with EOS and Benari clients, walking, writing my weekly Benari Blog…every damn Tuesday morning lots of people around the world expect to get it or they get really irritated, visiting the Birchrunville Store Cafe, walking around and walking some more, dealing with my Wharton Global Consulting Practicum responsibilities as we get going for the year, doing lots of phone interviews for a board strategy project…and running the strategy session – in Chicago, doing the laundry, and watching Black List. Also doing a lot of walking.

Since I wrote I finally got my new underground cable working. You know the cable I mean, the one I wrote about in the last three missives.

It wound up needing a Comcast Business Tech rather than a Regular Person Tech to figure out the problem. First off, the underground cable installers who finally showed up did not correctly put the little metal connector gizmos on the ends of the cable properly! And then they didn’t check to make sure it was working! Result: well, you know.

The fantastic Business Tech showed up with another guy early Saturday morning. Took him a few minutes to figure out the problem and fix it. Seems the other fellow is a corporate office guy on his annual day of following a technician around to see what goes on out there in the world of customers.

I figure you already know what I did when I discovered this. Yup, bent his ear a bit about my neverending Comcast horror story. He listen patiently and commiserated but wouldn’t agree that a year or two’s worth of free service was reasonable after what they put me through. He did say he would share my story with one of their customer service people who would reach out and talk to me.

Line fixed…so we all thought…and off they go. I sit down at the computer and peck away. In about 5 minutes, I kid you not, same old problems appear. I am not happy! Luckily the Business Tech has a real Business Card which he gave me. And it has his mobile number so my fingers fly over the phone. Dan answers, I share my story, he sighs and says “only thing left is that gateway sitting on your desk that makes it all work. Wifi must be bad. Good news is I will bring you a brand new updated super duper gateway. Are you around first thing Monday morning?”

First thing Monday morning he appears…without the corporate guy…installs the new box, powers it up, sets a bunch of things, and…Whooopeeeee! It works. And continues to work spectacularly well.

Best of all, that Monday afternoon I get a call from Phil, the customer service guy. We have a nice chat which leads to his offering me some free service to make me feel better. What the heck, I accept.

Around all this I have been preparing for my trip to Nice and Monaco in  a couple of days. I’m pretty excited as this is all about launching the Ocean Fund which took an unbelievable amount of time to get organized and signed off on by they various parties. But…it’s on its way. The first fund set to raise bazillions of dollars to protect the ocean…all of it. If you have any spare cash – a million or two or 50 would be nice – and are worried about what’s happening to the oceans, let me know.

Then a week or so later I have to go to Barcelona for a junto that my great client Packet is putting on at some tech conference. I get to be part of a dinner conversation with a bunch of big deal tech people talking about this and that. I expect I won’t have a clue what they’re talking about so am planning to sit there looking very wise and inscrutable while muttering incomprehensible things under my breath. I figure I’ll throw in a few frowns as they seem to add gravity to any conversation.

Then after a couple of days in Barcelona I return to Birchrunville. I’m being pressured to go to Marrakech 3 days after returning from Barcelona! For something called Aortic. Really. If you look at a map you will notice that Marrakech is about 900 miles due south of Barcelona. Am I going to go there the short way? Of course not. If they get me to do this I will fly 4000 miles back to Birchrunville from Barcelona and then 4000 miles from Birchrunville to Marrakech 3 days later! Is there a psychiatrist reading this?

Looking to get some rest after all this I decided to go to Hawaii and space out for a few days. Or maybe St Bart’s which I like quite a bit. In either case, I am going to detach from the world the beginning of December. Before I have to go back to Israel on December 26 for a few days. Couple of great Wharton Global Consulting Practicum projects going on there I’m going to check in on.

Don’t get me started on what my January looks like.

Aside: I almost forgot. Jose Garces invited me to the most spectacular 10th Anniversary Party for Amada. While standing there drinking a glass of wine and scooping up amazing bits of this and that as they passed by, two different people asked me what my next Dos Equis commercial was going to be about. 

Meanwhile, my wood pile has begun to shrink as it has gotten colder at night. Luckily a neighbor had a big hickory tree keel over so I now have a huge pile of wood ready to split for next year. As soon as I get done splitting the wood I already have that needs right sizing.

Sitting in airplanes interspersed with hand splitting firewood and advising clients with quite a bit of walking around tossed in at odd moments. No wonder I’m feeling a bit tired. Time for a nice glass of wine while sitting in front of the fire. Join me?



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