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Travel, travel, travel…and a Great Job For You!

I’ve run into a few of you, and heard in random ways from a few others of you, that I’ve been MIA. Actually this is not true at all. I’ve been IA. The M part is due to my complete inability to find the time to sit down and write this little missive since…November 17. November 17. a full month ago!

Some of you know that I don’t sleep a lot to begin with. You’ve discovered I’m almost always up and about by 4:30 or 5 while winding up missing my goal of dropping off to sleep by 9:30 or 10 almost every day. Except when I doze on the couch in front of some boring television show, of course. Where is the time to write these ramblings?

A lot has happened. Since telling you about Barcelona in my last missive, I’ve been to Marrakech. Great place even though I mostly was at something called Aortic 2015 so didn’t get to roam around the countryside much.  This is the annual all Africa cancer conference that draws the best cancer people from across Africa…and the rest of the world. I liked Morocco so much I’m thinking about doing something I never do…take a few days and go and wander around the country on my own nickel! If you’d like to join me, let me know and perhaps we can do a cool little jaunt across the desert of North Africa. When I do this I’m also going to stop in Djibouti which is a whole different kind of place.


Area General Manager

Krapf School Bus

Yup, this is the great job I mentioned way up there in the title. If you happen to be an excellent manager looking for your next wonderful position or if you know anyone who might like to work for a great company, let me know. Right now! By the way, Southeastern Pennsylvania actually means an area that wanders around from Wilmington to York to Allentown and all parts east of these cities in Pennsylvania. And yes, I know Wilmington is in Delaware but figure such astute people as my loyal readers will know what I mean. So read on…and send me a note or even better a resume. Now! And if you can’t figure out how to contact me, perhaps you’re not a candidate!

Area General Manager

Krapf School Bus

         Rapidly growing company needs an Area General Manager to direct the operations of multiple locations. The primary responsibilities of the position includes setting goals for each operation, developing the management teams, providing excellent customer service, and implementing training and safety programs. Budgeting and cost control experience is a must. The right person for this position has a proven track record of leading an operation with revenues in excess of $30 million.  

         Qualifications include at least 8 years demonstrated success in operations management with profit and loss responsibility. Must have the ability to hire and develop managers and supervisors in multiple locations. Transportation experience a plus. Excellent benefits. Southeastern Pennsylvania location.


Did you apply?

On a totally different note, did you notice the weather? It is so warm here in Birchrunville that a client dragged me out to play golf this past Sunday. We saw a big cherry tree that was starting to bloom! When I got home I saw a stink bug crawling across the floor no doubt thinking spring had come so he needed to get outside. And then there are those polo shirts I’ve been wearing sans jacket.

Luckily it’s just cool enough at night that I can have a little fire. I do love having a fire. I figure based on the wood need so far this fall I have enough split wood for about 20 years and pre-split wood for 100 years. Just had a neighbor give me a huge hickory tree followed by a huge ash tree. Huge slices piled up waiting for my splitting maul to fall.

Which reminds me…need any firewood? I have the best price around: free. And if you’re really nice to me and not too far away I might even deliver it. Stacking doubles the price.

I understand that in Miami which is rapidly sinking into the sea, many are not so happy about climate change. I’m mindboggled that they have elected officials there up to and including the governor who are walking around with water up to their knees and still claiming climate change is a fraud. Ideology so strong it beats the evidence of your own lying eyes and wet legs.

But here in Birchrunville, climate change hasn’t been so bad. About 15 degrees warmer than average this year which means no snowstorms so far and thus the power has been on continuously. I could get used to this.

I’m getting ready to fly off late December 25. I have a Wharton Global Consulting Practicum trip to Israel…for 4 days. 11 or 12 hour direct flight there and a 15 trip back December 30 due to a connection. Back two days to celebrate New Year’s and then January 1 I fly off to Senegal and Ghana, back January 10. When I return I have a packed rest of January with a number of EOS days, some other client stuff, and a nice new client starting up.

February I rest.

The bad thing about my travel is I now have to spend a fair bit of time explaining to people in other countries what is going on in America. They think we have gone nuts. Frankly, I tend to agree with them. They’re fascinated by how we have a bazillion guns up to and including military weapons designed with one purpose…to kill lots of people quickly…floating around and yet so we wonder why we have so much gun violence. Recently I had someone ask me how is it possible that Congress voted not to keep those on the No-Fly List from getting guns. After all, those on the list are there because they’re potential terrorists. My question is how is it that regular people understand this and our elected officials are oblivious?

I figure I’ll get a number of questions about why Los Angeles and New York school systems both got the same hoax bomb threat and LA shut down 900 schools and searched them all while NY figured out it was a hoax so kept the schools open. Personally I think think this shows the terrorists are smarter than we are. An email that costs nothing led to who knows how much chaos, fear, and expense in LA. It was so successful that I’m sure we’ll see more of these emails.

And don’t even get me started about the questions on our neverending political horror show. I figure the hate, vitriol, misrepresentations, and outright lies being flung around have cost us an unbelievable amount of good will around the world and are accelerating our decline in standing and power. Which in spite of what the isolationists think, will cost us dearly. Where do they think all those cheap imported products that fill Walmart come from? Who do they think buys all our exported goods and services? And where are they going to hide their ill gotten gains if the foreign hidey holes decide to stop dealing with them?

Okay, enough ranting about the incompetents. Hopefully some adults will appear and send them to their rooms to sulk and think about changing their bad behavior.

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And before I forget, it’s that time of year. Have a wonderful time over the holidays. Take a break and rejuvenate your body and mind. Lots going on as we enter the new year to keep you amused.


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