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Web Ogre Victory…Persevere

They did it!  It was a long and difficult struggle but my Web Ogres managed to fight their way through the crappy code someone added to WordPress.  It seems that WorkPress is open source so sometimes people add things without realizing that it just might screw up something else.  And as you all know, if technology can be screwed up…it will happen to me.

They tell me that I am the only person they know where the spell of untimeliness took hold.  But they persevered.  And it took quite a bit of perseverance since they had to actually figure out where the bad gremlin was hiding out and then slay him with the spell of correction.

Which causes me to think about perseverance.  As a world we suffer from Instantaneousness.  This recently diagnosed mental disease leads to a distorted time sense couple with an inability to concentrate for any extended period of time.  It has become an epidemic.

Luckily for me, my Web Ogres have not been stricken by this dire disease.  I must admit that I feel it’s pull but am working hard to fight it off.

It is an insidious disease for it robs people of their ability to do anything that requires extended effort.  For those of you out there interested in connecting with new people…it often takes persistence.   And instantaneousness is the enemy of persistence!

The good thing about instantaneousness is that fighting it off is a matter of mental effort that anyone can do.  So if you feel it’s dreaded effects reaching out for you…fight back.  Stay focused.  Concentrate.  Turn off all the distractions.

It’s a funny thing.  The more others get distracted…the more they leave the field open for you.  Take advantage of this.  Defeat instantaneousness and reach your goals.

Defeat Instantaneousness Tip: Focus

Ogre Rick Rick Simmons, principal

Ogre PaulPaul Fleming

By the way, if they really have vanquished the demon you will get the email about his blog Sunday morning January 16.  We’ll see…

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  1. Ogre Paul says:

    Perseverance is indeed a good quality to have in the tech world (especially when working with one Steve Smolinsky who has a knack of, dare we suggest, not coexisting with technology overly well). It is such a dynamic environment where things can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes its even tricky for us early adopters to keep up. To be fair to WordPress, it’s not actually crappy code but conflicting plugins and also the fact that we have actually asked the system to do a lot more than it is originally designed to do. We figured who better to experiment on than Steve Smolinsky! You demonstrate a desire to push the envelope as do we and certainly perseverance is a key requirement for doing so. We’re glad you keep us on track.

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