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What Are They Thinking?

As you might expect, I’m a member of a number of groups. I think of it as research so I can share interesting ideas and stories with all of you. One of the groups I belong to is a group that will remain nameless…for reasons that will become ridiculously obvious. Those of you who figure out what the group is, just keep it to yourself…or whisper in my ear if you must.

This organization was founded to enable executives…in transition…to network with each other and provide support through the job search process. Over the years many members who found jobs stayed involved both to help others and for the camaraderie they had developed. Eventually they started to get folks who wanted to join just to be a member even though they weren’t in job search mode.

I gave a few talks to various parts of the Big Group and next thing I know, I’m a member.

You’re probably wondering why I went into all that. I just wanted to be sure that you got the point that this group is all about networking and connecting with people you like and want to spend more time with.

So imagine how surprised I was to receive an email telling me that the board had asked smaller groups of the organization NOT to have a holiday party. I was flabergasted…and still am which is why I’m writing this little missive. Apparently they think that if small groups of people who have spent huge amounts of time with each other decide to celebrate together it will somehow detract from any big event the organization puts on.

Think about this…a networking organization sending out a note telling you not to network outside the boundaries of their authorized events. Now some of you know that I’m part of The Wharton School among other things. I thought that academia was the height of bureaucracy and hierarchical structure…and then this note came in. Wow.

You all know what I’m thinking. If you have events that people want to attend, they will. If they get a better offer elsewhere…perhaps there’s a message in that somewhere.

This is either a famous quote by somebody whose name I forget or something I once made up but in either case, just remember: If they’re not showing up…throw a better party.

Some weeks ago I did a little talk for Merck. They just sent me a few pictures so I thought I’d share. And yes, there were a whole bunch of people not just the few in the pictures:

Me and Volunteers

Me and Volunteers

Me and More Volunteers

Me and More Volunteers

Pensive Me

Pensive Me

Party Tip: They’re going to party with whoever they want…make your event the place for them to be

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