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Yikes! It’s Been A Long Time!

I have thought about putting fingers to keys to share my latest exploits for weeks. But life keeps intervening. However, enough of you have mentioned that you haven’t received these musings in quite a while and wonder what happened that I got tired of finding reasons for my failure. After sharing with someone last night that I have been held hostage by Islamic State for the last few weeks but luckily they got tired of me yakking at them so they released me, I decided it would be easier to skip a few client meetings and pound out a missive.

As they say, be careful what you ask for…

So, as far as interesting things go, I just discovered that a fellow I’ve known for a few years who is a globally famous cancer researcher is friends with the wife of President Kufuor of Ghana. Long time readers might remember that I am friends with President Kufuor. How weird is this? He doesn’t know him and I don’t know her so we decided to go to Ghana and invite them to join us for dinner. Probably in January.

Which reminds me, a few days ago I got invited to visit Nice and Monaco the last few days of October. Since I’ve never been to either…I agreed immediately. After about a year of work I managed to get the Ocean Fund to launch and I’m off to meet some people who are very interested in participating. The Ocean Fund…the only fund dedicated to helping the entire world ocean. Who knows where else I’ll float to after Nice and Monaco. If all goes well everyone will accept my idea for a logo: My smiling face on an octopus.

My trip to Whidbey Island was interesting. On the good side, my client there upped our relationship…meaning more visits. Seems he decided that a few hours wandering around with me discussing improving his global business is worth putting up with me in his guest cabin. Now if I can just get another client while I’m there…

On the not so good side, it’s a rain forest climate but now in the middle of a terrible drought. The plants and animals are stressed. This has let things like pine borers run wild since for some reason they seem to love the drought. When the wind blew in the right direction, you could see and smell and taste the smoke from the wildfires east of Seattle. People are stressed too as they hear that this is just the beginning of the climate changes coming. Another already here change is that the drought and other changes are leading to significantly decreased snow buildup in the mountains which means less and less water from snowmelt…which provides lots of the water that the west drinks.

Anyone who believes that climate change is some weird global plot on the part of terrorist environmentalists should wander around the Pacific Northwest. Or Arizona. Just occurred to me that I was getting the same message when I was in Phoenix some weeks ago. Not the rain forest problems but the desert becoming even drier and the water disappearing. Seems there are now whole communities whose water has totally dried up. They’re taking dust showers and learning to absorb any moisture in the air…not that there’s much…through their skin. Reversing the sweat process. Evolution at work.

Meanwhile in Birchrunville I started to have weird problems with my internet and phone. No dial tone, ssssslllllllooooowwww loading of webpages, weird blips happening in programs. Freaked me out…but you knew that. Reached out to my Tech Nerd┬áin a state of frenzied stress. She checked things out and then reached out to Comcast. They decided they needed to send out a technician. Since I am incapable of having an intelligible conversation about my tech problems Tech Nerd met him and got it all straightened out.

Turns out a critter had chewed into my underground cable! Comcast Technician Man actually could figure this out by checking the signal something or other. He can tell that it was a critter bite and not a construction shovel or a stretched line (whatever this is) by the signal. How cool. So he hooked up a temporary cable and laid it on the ground until the guys come who will put a new line underground. After it’s back underground a guy will come who will adjust my signal as it seems it can be made stronger and better once the new line is in.

All good except…it’s now 3 or 4 days past the day they were supposed to have the line underground. Yup…still laying there in plain sight. But everything is working well so I’m just hoping to get the line underground before it snows…if it ever does. (see climate change above)

Cable in lawn 3

My cable still on the ground today

Philadelphia is going to be a madhouse next week when the Pope pops in and shuts the city down. I’m thinking it might even affect downtown Birchrunville where there might be as many as 3 cars at a time trying to get through the main intersection. Just to be sure I miss it all, I managed to get a client to invite me to do their EOS quarterly session at a cool hotel in Ithaca New York when the Pope is around. It’s about a 4 hour drive due north so I figure that should be out of the crazy zone.

We’ll see…

Woodpile 2A

You might be wondering why suddenly there is a picture of one of my woodpiles…the silvery thing on the right is my truck in case you’re wondering about that too. Well…it seems in spite of climate change, winter is coming. Some of you probably guessed this based on the calendar or that it’s getting a bit cooler. I use the old fashioned way:

Stink Bug 2A

Yup, last evening when I returned I found the first fall stink bugs clinging to the screens trying to get into the house for the winter. Luckily the firewood is ready. Hmmmm, since I spend a lot time with my chainsaw and splitting maul I have piles of the stuff all over the place. I hear that people who see it think I’m some kind of crazy eccentric mountain man. Anyway, if you happen to live within a reasonable distance of Birchrunville and want some natural, handmade, wildly artistically shaped firewood, let me know. If you go to buy firewood this fine it will cost you 2oo or 250 bucks a cord. And since no one really knows what a cord is…you usually get a lot less than you think.

But…for you loyal readers, a deal. Free!


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